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Napa Valley, California

In 1831, George Yount, the first American settler in the Napa Valley, came to the area now called Yountville. He received an 11,000-acre Mexican Land grant and built the first structures in the area, a Kentucky blockhouse and mill. Even more importantly, he planted the first grapevines in the Napa Valley.

In 1855 Yount hired a surveyor to lay out a town site and named it "Sebastopol", ignoring the fact that a town in neighboring Sonoma County already had that name. In 1865, two years after his death, the town was renamed in his honor. His grave can be found in Pioneer Cemetery, next to Yountville Park at the north end of town.

When Yountville incorporated, it wanted to be called a "village." The State of California didn't allow for villages, so Yountville had to refer to itself as a town. It still feels like a village, with a population of approximately 3,500, which includes 1,100 residents of the Veterans Home of California.

Yountville is a walking town filled with excellent shops, restaurants, and lodging. Spend some time here. You'll enjoy it. Oh, yes, and it does happen to have a whole bunch of really good restaurants.

Getting Here

Most people come to Yountville by car. It's just nine miles north of Napa on Highway 29, which is the main north-south highway in the Napa Valley. It's even a divided freeway as far as Yountville. After that it becomes a two-lane road. The residents of Napa Valley have continuously rejected the idea of a freeway running upvalley.

This map will show you where Yountville is in relation to the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area.

San Francisco Bay Area map

San Francisco Bay Area (Map courtesy of Napa Downtown Association)

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Community Information

View to the east from Yountville, California

View to the east from Yountville

Town of Yountville

6550 Yount Street

Yountville CA 94599


Yountville Community Hall

Yountville Shuttle


Web Page

Provides local service in town and the Veterans Home. Connections to VINE at Veterans Home and on Washington Street in downtown Yountville.

Yountville Library

6548 Yount Street

Yountville, CA 94599


Web Page

Yountville Chamber of Commerce

6516 Yount St.

Yountville CA 94599


Yountville Elementary School

6554 Yount Street

Yountville CA 94599


Web Page

Yountville Baseball


Yountville Bocce Club

P.O. Box 3034

Yountville, California 94599


Native Sons of the Golden West

Col. Nelson M. Holderman Parlor #316


Yountville Sun

6795 Washington St.

Yountville CA 94599


Excellent weekly community newspaper.

Postal Zip Code

Yountville 94599

Telephone Prefixes (Area Code 707)

Yountville 944, 945, 947, 948

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Traffic Conditions

North Bay

Highway 29

Highway 121


Current Conditions in Yountville

Napa Valley Weather

Flood Warnings

Napa River Forecast Bulletin

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